Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up to take a course?

We're glad you're interested and ready to enroll! To do so, just check out the course information page for the training you are interested in. There, you will find the date of our next available course, the deadline for application, and a link to download your application. There are also instructions listed on how to turn in your application and payment.

The information on the course I am interested in states there is a "Payment Plan Option" available. How does the payment plan work?

Currently, the payment plan is as follows: 1.) One-half of the total course cost MUST be paid when you turn in your application for enrollment and is non-refundable. 2.) Any remaining balance may then be paid in installments of $100 per month (last payment may be less, depending on total course cost) until the course is paid-in-full. Please note that you will be able to begin the course as long as the initial one-half of the total cost has been paid. Example: EMT Course Cost: $600.00 -Due by class start: $300.00 Payments (made during course): -Payment 1: $100.00 -Payment 2: $100.00 -Payment 3: $100.00 AEMT Course Cost: $800.00 -Due by class start: $400.00 Payments (made during course): -Payment 1: $100.00 -Payment 2: $100.00 -Payment 3: $100.00 -Payment 4: $100.00

Are there any other costs or fees for the different courses?

There are a few additional fees that may be incurred, depending on which course you plan to take. These are estimated to be less than $100.00 and are listed on the course information page. These will also be discussed when you turn in your application, should you decide to enroll.

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